Developed together by Mark Barr and Bobcat Software, HyperMagic is a Magic Web Server!

What can you do with a Magic Web Server?

  • Use as a full featured HTTP Server, eliminating the need for a UNIX or NT SERVER!
  • Use as an INTRANET or INTERNET solution!
  • Make calls that hook directly into NPR Reports!
  • View Data on Tablets and Smart Phones
  • Create patient and physician portals
  • Use GETs for real time interfaces!
  • Create Drill Down Reporting!
  • Save time and $$$ over Web Enabled Data Repository Options!
  • This pulls your real, fresh, MEDITECH data!

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Bobcat CDS Toolkit (For Magic and C/S)

A set of macros for Magic  Customer Defined Screens.

  • Total – Easily total queries on any CDS
  • Recall – Easily recall a value in NUR without hitting recall. You can even recall the last response to another query in the current query.
  • Clear – Clear a field when you reach it, or clear another field based on a field check.
  • Full Recall – Place on the first field on your CDS and recall all NUR queries instantly, except for those with an special attribute on them.
  • OE Recall – Recall a query in OE Orders from a previous order, or from another procedure in the same order.

The cost is $500 for an unlimited site license.